We lost a legend in Chicago the other day. Stan Mikita.

He wasn’t simply a great hockey player. He was a great ambassador for his sport. For all sports. He was simply a great man.

A cruel form of dementia robbed him of his memory the last few years. Heartbreaking stuff.

I wasn’t going to mention this at TMG, where we are all cranking up for the start of another college football season. Many of you, I know, couldn’t care less about hockey. No problem there. It was such a regional sport for such a long time.

But I am feeling this sadness at Mikita’s death at 78, which no longer seems that old. And even if you didn’t follow hockey in the golden age of the Original Six, when Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull were magical forces on the Chicago Blackhawks, you should know this:

They were what we loved about sports. For all the right reasons.  The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.