Today’s pick of Wisconsin ends our Netflix countdown doc-series on “Bad ass schools of the bad-ass Big Ten.”

I am not sure how the conference of Hopalong Cassidy turned into Butch Cassidy, but here we are: bird drops keep falling on their head.

In history we have had The Daltons, the Clancys, the Barrows, the Dodge City boys and now “Delany’s Gang.”

Jimmy “The Power Broker” Delany, an accomplished man and lawyer who played for Dean Smith at North Carolina, is not responsible for the totality of the mayhem.

But he is the sheriff of Big Ten City.

Delany tried to get a way from it all in August by taking a hiking trip to the Andes with other college football executives.

But there was no escaping the long arm of Dennis Dodd, the talented bulldog writer and posse leader from CBS Sports, who tracked Delany down in Peru.

Butch and Sundance fled to Bolivia–why is it always South America? The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.