As the great Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Start spreading the lines, we’re betting today, we’re going to be a part of it, take the Trojans and the points! ” Well Ollie never said that but the Supreme Court this year did bring legitimacy to our craven tendencies by basically leaving the idea of legalized sports wagering to the individual states. And while it may take California months or years to come up with a plan to separate our money from our wallets, we at TMG are back for another season of college football swings and misses.

Rankman & Son don’t talk much these days since he got something called a “job,” but we are brought together by a mutual love for overs, the SVP Show, Stanford Steve and Bad Beats.

Here are the games on the first weekend table:

Rankman’s Games

San Diego State at Stanford (-14.5) 

Nevada Las Vegas at USC (-26)

Oregon State at Ohio State (O\U 64)

Son of Rankman

Colorado State vs. Colorado (-7.5)

Boise State at Troy O\U 48.5

North Carolina at Cal (-7) 

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