Tweet storm watch 2018: Our action-news eyewitness reporter, Bob Jenkins, is on the scene to bring you the very latest in punishable things recently tweeted by network announcers.

Newsroom: “Bob are you there? What’s the latest on ESPN’s Mark Jones?”

Bob: “Well, yes, the announcer who participated in last year’s ‘cupcake broadcast” of Washington game vs. Cal really stepped in it this week. Washington was criticized last year for playing a weak non-conference schedule and during that broadcast, they thought it would be funny to show cupcakes to illustrate their point.”

Newsroom: “And Washington really didn’t like that, right Bob?

Bob: “That’s correct.

Newsroom: “Isn’t it unusual for a network partner to take a pot shot like that on national TV?”

Bob: “Washington thought so, yes, and the Pac 12 too.”

Newsroom: “So what has Jones done now?”

Bob: “Jones put out a tweet after Washington lost a hard-fought, 21-16 game last weekend to Auburn, which is not a cupcake.”

Newsroom: “We’re showing that now on the screen. So what are the repercussions?”

   Bob: “Well, it was confirmed this week that Jones will not be invited to do Washington broadcasts in the foreseeable future. The Pac 12 released a statement: “We are aware of the inappropriate comments in this tweet and have addressed it with ESPN.”

Newsroom: “And isn’t there an interesting kicker to this Washington story?”

Bob: “Yes, the idea that the University of Washington tries to duck top programs in non-conference games is a fairy tale. Washington has historically played an aggressive schedule but did get caught up in a few bad cycles mainly because Rutgers football took a turn for the worse.

In fact, though, Washington in this century has played at Ohio State, at LSU, at Nebraska, at Notre Dame, at Michigan, at Miami, at Oklahoma. In 2008, Washington played Oklahoma AND Notre Dame in non-conference and in 2007 the Huskies played Ohio State, Boise and Syracuse.”

Newsroom:  “And the other Tweet Storm Watch story, Bob?”

Bob: “Yes, it involves former Michigan player Braylon Edwards, who now works for the Big Ten Network. He took some potshots at some Michigan players after Saturday’s 24-17 loss. He called one player “weak” and one players “scared.” Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh, also a Michigan alum, did not appreciate this and called out Edwards at his Monday press conference. Harbaugh told Edwards to leave his players alone. ‘Come after me.'”

Newsroom: “Is Harbaugh right?”

Bob: “I think so. Media members should generally leave unpaid college athletes alone and save their salvos for millionaire head coaches.”

Newsroom: “Ramifications, Bob, what are the ramifications?”

Bob: “Edwards has been suspended by the Big Ten Network but that hasn’t stopped him from ramping up the pressure with more tweeting.”

Newsroom: “Should analysts be more careful with their tweeting, Bob?

Bob: “Oh, yeah.”

Newsroom: “Should we be worried, Bob, about some of your old tweets?”

Bob: “Hey!”

Newsroom: “In the old days, Bob, the quickest way to get fired was to put the boss’s tie into the paper shredder, with the boss still wearing it. What’s the quickest way to get fired now, Bob?”

Bob: “Tweeting while drunk and\or watching your alma mater getting its butts kicked against Notre Dame.”

Newsroom: “Thanks, Bob, great work, but why did we do this segment as a remote when you’re standing 10 feet off stage?” The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.