In the wild and crazy world of college football betting (or any other kind of betting for that matter), going .500 on your picks is regarded as a good week.

So we will take 3-3, not grouse about how Washington had so many chances to cover or that we had too little faith in Alabama (or maybe too much in Louisville).

Our buddy The Locksmith came out sizzling at 2-0.

So let’s see what this week’s menu looks like.

The Games

New Mexico at Wisconsin (-34.5)

Georgia (-10) at South Carolina

Clemson at Texas A&M (Over/Under 54.5)

USC at Stanford (-5.5)

Kentucky at Florida (Over/Under 49.5)

Duke at Northwestern (Over/Under 49)



The Games

Rutgers at Ohio State (-34.5)

Colorado at Nebraska (-4.5)  The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.