Let’s set the scene: Son of Rankman was 2-0 on opening with tie-dyed Cal, favored by 7 and up by 21 against North Carolina in Berkeley.

The Kid was so stoked he lit a victory cigar and nearly choked on the fumes while doing cartwheels down Tightwad Hill in rapt anticipation of taking a three-game broom (sweep) out of Labor Day.

The game was so over coach Larry Fedora claimed Tar Heel football was “under attack” and he feared North Carolina would not be recognizable in 10 years, or even maybe 10 days, and that if it got to that point, “the country might go down too.” Or something like that.

But then, Carolina scored two touchdowns in the final 6:08 to push the line into wash cycle. Son learned a valuable lesson–“It’s not over until Vegas says it’s over”–but his 2-0-1 week was still good enough to edge Father Knows Bets (1-2) on a combo-plate winning weekend that reads like a NASA rocket launch (3-2-1).

On to Week 2…

Rankman’s games

UCLA at Oklahoma (-30)

Fresno State at Minnesota (-2.5)

Rice at Hawaii (-17)

Son’s games

Duke at Northwestern (-3)

Cal (-2.5) at Brigham Young

Michigan State at Arizona State (O\U 54) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.