Rankman knew “son” was a winner when he bounced into the world 25 years ago and easily cleared the “under” on the O\U line of 2.5 hours for his delivery time. “Son” led the way last week with a 3-0 weekend that had to carry his old man through another 1-2 campaign ruined by USC and UCLA “failures to launch” against Texas and Fresno State. But we wouldn’t want “son” to get a big head about all this…

Shame on Rankman for breaking his golden rule of never wagering on local teams out of deference to “no cheering in the press box” and other axioms of journalism broken every Saturday in stadiums across America.


Father Knows Bets

Arizona State at Washington (-17.5)

North Texas (-12.5) at Liberty

Troy (-4.5) at La. Monroe

Son’s games

Friday: Florida Atlantic at Central Florida (-13)

Boston College (-7) at Purdue

Texas Christian at Texas (47) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.