Five Things  We Learned About Big Ten Football in Week 5. . .

1, Ohio State can get the White Out—without bleach. But it needs to watch out.

The Buckeyes are, as expected, the class of an unexpectedly uneven Big Ten. Rallying back from a 26-14 deficit to win 27-26 in the final seven minutes is heroic. It takes talent and poise. Outlasting Penn State was no small achievement.

It’s also dangerous to dig that deep of a hole. The 93-yard TD pass by Penn State was the longest in Ohio State history. And it came a week after a 93-yard run by TCU, the longest on the ground in Buckeyes history.

Ohio State had allowed only four plays of at least 90 yards in program history. And Trace McSorley ran for 175 quarterback yards. You won’ find this stuff in the Defense Wins Championships file.

In short, Ohio State, which has allowed 15 plays of 30 yards or more this fall, is playing with fire on defense. That’s especially true with stud defensive lineman Nick Bosa injured.

Yes, they’ll be favored the rest of the way. But they give up big plays. Nobody is going to believe that Michigan, let alone Purdue or Michigan State or Maryland can derail the Buckeyes.

But stranger things have happened.

2, Michigan is having a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Harbaugh season. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.