The University of Brian Kelly at South Bend makes a huge, six-spot rise this week. No one has jumped so high, so fast, at Notre Dame since Moeller High (Cincinnati) School coach Gerry Faust was asked if he wanted to sit in Knute Rockne’s rocking chair. Rankman Inc. is simply acknowledging the Touchdown Jesus inevitable truth concerning Notre Dame. The Irish, after last weekend’s 38-17 thrashing of Stanford, are now a serious threat to make the college football playoff and knock a Power 5 conference champion to the lower deck. Notre Dame has already defeated Michigan and Stanford and WILL get a playoff spot at 12-0. Right? Fans of potential other conference champions (Pac 12, Big 12, ACC) will be rooting hard for Virginia Tech to upend the Irish in Blacksburg this weekend…Holding steady: Ohio State scored a huge, comeback win at Penn State but couldn’t budge in the ranking because the Bucks were already No. 2. We also held Penn State at No. 11 for a hard-fought loss Rankman is pinning on the Head Ball Coach for late-game decision making…Stanford is still in the ranking but hanging on like Slim Pickens to that A-bomb at the end of Dr. Strangelove…Finally, in case anyone cares, the shell casing of Florida State is playing Miami this weekend. Outside of Tiger vs. Phil on pay-per-view, we can’t think of a big time match-up that has more suddenly lost its luster….


1: Alabama (5-0): Students called out by Saban for not showing up for Louisiana (49-0 at half) say they’re saving their money for Citadel on Nov. 17.  (1)

2: Ohio State (5-0): Having trouble, Happy Valley, with those stubborn White Out stains? Try mixing Tide with a little Febreze.  (2)

3: Georgia (5-0): Top SEC East Coach closes office door when told he might have to deal with a “growing menace” in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. (4)

4: Notre Dame (5-0): The most active, rowdy and spirited group of Irish players we’ve has seen since the Munster Rugby Senior Cup.  (10)

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