What can you say? Son of Rankman had another stellar week in the trenches, going 3-0 against the spread to run his season record to 10-3-2. At this rate, if he was not using Monopoly money, son would be a leg up on the Feds shaking him down right now for his student loans.

As it stands he has upgraded to a “previously owned” BMW and handed down to Father the 2001 Volvo that is being held together with that water-proof tape you’ve seen on late-night commercials. It’s the one where the guy cuts his boat in half and then seals it with this super tape and then drives it across the lake.

Rankman, in the meantime, is looking for a bounce-back after a winless week that had him over-thinking, over-guessing and even over-dressing. Son’s picks have kept the family record this season well above .500 but a certain someone in this relationship needs to pick up the pace.

Last week: Rankman (0-3) Son (3-0)

Season total: 16-12-2


Father Knows Bets


Oklahoma vs. Texas (60)

Florida State at Miami (-13.5)

Louisiana (-3.5) at Texas State


Son’s games

California at Arizona (57)

Notre Dame (-7) at Virginia Tech

Colorado (-2.5) at Arizona State


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