Half-way through the 2018 college football season and  two teams fall into the “major surprise” category–Florida State and Texas.

Let’s start with FSU. The Seminoles are a not-in-the-good way surprise. In fact, they are downright baffling and disappointing.

Let’s start with their latest performance, a 28-27 loss to arch ACC rival Miami. On the surface, this doesn’t look all that stunning. Going into Saturday’s game at Miami, a total of 17 points had decided their last five meetings.

But check a little further and you see the symptoms of what has been ailing FSU all season and back to last year, in fact.

Early in the third quarter, FSU had a 27-7 lead over the Hurricanes and it looked like the Seminoles who had stumbled and fumbled their way to a 3-2 start had solved their problems.

Not so fast. Miami, which is starting to look like the Miami of a year ago (early in the season at least) scored and then scored again and finally again to pull out its first home victory against FSU since 2004. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.