Baton Rouge, La.—You gotta give this to Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers: Every time somebody tries to write them off, to suggest they are done, they pick themselves off the turf and find a way to stay alive.

LSU was the No. 5 team in the nation last week when the Tigers lost at Florida 27-19.  And thus the narrative going into Saturday’s showdown with No. 2 Georgia was simple: At sundown on Saturday LSU would no longer be a team with national championship or SEC championship aspirations.

Well, not so fast my friend. For on a sun-splashed Saturday at Tiger Stadium, LSU stayed alive to fight another day, winning 36-16.

“It is our goal to lead LSU to a championship,” Orgeron. “Where this leads us we don’t know. Hopefully it will give us some confidence.”

This game had huge implications for both teams. Let’s start with LSU:

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