Rankman & Son dedicate this week’s Pick 6 Friday to Sid Diamond, the legendary Las Vegas bookmaker who passed away Oct. 24 at age 83.

I never met Sid but his son Jeff is one of my longtime racquetball partners at the local L.A. Fitness.

Jeff is a lefty and in Boston they would describe his forehand shot as “wicked.”

“JD,” as he is only known to us, is a charter TMG College Sports subscriber and a loyal follower.

He calls me “Ranks” or “Rankman.”

JD didn’t follow his dad into gaming but has a pretty nice carpet business going in Chino called “Carpet Station.” http://www.carpetstation.net/ In fact, I’m typing this story on some industrial fuzz JD’s crew laid down in my home office.

When TMG decided we should start picking college football games, well, I naturally started leaning on Son of Sid for some pointers.

Photo credit: Gamingtoday.com

I have NEVER placed an actual money bet on a college football game, however, Rankman & Son strive to provide our readers with the best information we can on our weekly plays.

JD’s dad had been retired for years and watched the sports gaming business change like you wouldn’t believe. As a kid JD would help his dad in the Vegas books, sorting actual paper bets.

The amount of information and technology available now, of course, is astounding.  Back in the day, JD told me, his dad used to call air traffic control towers at various airports to get weather reports. Sid even had a compass with the dimensions for every major league ball park.  Yeah, it was different.

Steve Carp, a longtime colleague and columnist in Las Vegas, six times voted Nevada Sportswriter of the Year, captured the throw-back essence of Sid Diamond in a very nice tribute for Gamingtoday.com. Here’s the link to the full story:   https://www.gamingtoday.com/article/78631-Bookmaker_Sid_Diamond_has_passed_away  

Sid started as a ticket writer at the Del Mar Sports Book in the 1970s and also ran books at Circus Circus and other sister properties.

“He was the classic Damon Runyon character,” Gaming Today publisher Bill Paulos said of Diamond, who wrote a column on sports betting for Gaming Today from 2010 to 2012. “But nobody had the ethics of Sid and he really knew how to take care of his customers.”

We hope some of Sid’s mojo has helped Rankman & Son to a winning record this season on college football, knowing full well how fast tables can turn. One thing we learned from Sid, through JD, is not to “chase.” JD says “Monday Night Football” was a boon to Vegas with players trying to make up for all their weekend losses.

Rankman & Son have stuck to a simple six-game formula this year. No bonus picks. Three games each, don’t chase. That’s it. And we are scrapping along Ok so far.

It had to have been Sid, from somewhere, telling Rankman to go ahead and take 0-7 San Jose State last week, at home. as a three-point favorite. That’s crazy!

Seems fitting that the team San Jose defeated, and covered against, was the University of Nevada….Las Vegas.

Not so crazy. We heard you, Sid. RIP.

Rankman & Son are 28-24-2 for the season:

Father Knows Bets

Oklahoma State (-7.5) at Baylor

Louisiana at Troy (-10.5)

Fresno State at UNLV (58.5)

Son of Rankman

Georgia Tech (-6) at North Carolina

Stanford at Washington (-10)

West Virginia at Texas (58)

Rankman’s winners:

Oklahoma State beating Baylor by 7.5 points doesn’t seem all that Waco based on the Cow Poke’s offensive performance against Texas last week.

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