The second set of CFP rankings were released Tuesday night and one of two things are going to happen in the last four Saturdays of the regular season.

1—Each of the top five—Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Georgia—controls their playoff future. Win out and they are in the playoffs, period. Alabama and Georgia play on Dec. 1 for the SEC championship. If those teams take care of their business over the next three weeks, that game will be for a spot in the playoffs.

2–All hell is going to break loose and the selection committee will have to burn the midnight oil to come up with four teams on Dec. 2. Also, the world is going to demand that the playoff be expanded to eight teams. (Actually, that’s going to happen no matter who gets in).

So today I’m going to give you two scenarios:

The Chalk Scenario assumes that the top four teams in Tuesday night’s rankings win out. Simple. Uncluttered. No drama.

The Chaos Scenario would create, as my friend Tim Brando would say,  a tsunami of “angst, anger and bitterness.” Lots and lots of drama.

Here we go:


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