Author: Mark Blaudschun

Jarmond wasting little time in master plan for BC

In order to make things better, conventional wisdom says that you must have a plan, which new Boston College athletic director Martin Jarmond will tell you is in place–at least in his mind. On Wednesday, Jarmond gave us a glimpse of the strategy that will take BC football to a more prominent level.  “”We want to play a strong schedule and adding a future opponent the caliber of Michigan State fits what we want to accomplish,” said Jarmond in announcing a two game series with the Spartans, beginning with a trip by the Spartans to Alumni Stadium on Sept, 21 2024, the Eagles will return the visit and travel to East Lansing the following season. For schools such as BC, where becoming bowl eligible is still the primary goal each season, non-conference scheduling is the life-blood formula for success.  Scheduling above your comfort level can be self defeating.  Scheduling too easy can diminish the fan base and the credibility of the program.  The Eagles picked up two wins two years ago against FCS opponents Maine and Howard and gained almost nothing from the experience, other than practice time in game conditions.  And, even that was diminished since the quarters were reduced from 15 to 12 minutes in BC’s 76-0 win over Howard. The ideal situation for most athletic directors in non-conference games is to factor in regional rivalries (for...

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A summer of hope for BC?

If you took a tour of the Boston College campus this week, you would notice one obvious example of change:  After almost a decade of talking, planning and negotiating, work on an indoor football facility for the Eagles has finally begun, adjacent to Alumni Stadium. If the Eagles have any long range hope of moving up the food chain in the Atlantic Coast Conference–which now has the reigning national champion in Clemson–an improvement in facilities was an absolutely essential ingredient. Whether football coach Steve Addazio is still around when the facility is completed next summer has yet to be determined–more about that later. Another change–but much less obvious, but twice as important as the upgrade in facilities–was the presence of new athletic director Martin Jarmond, who spent his first official day at work in his office at The Heights on Monday. Jarmond replaces Brad Bates, who came to BC with great expectations and very little in overall accomplishment when his 5-year contract was not renewed. Whether Jarmond is the real deal remains to be seen. He has big time pedigree, with stints at Michigan State and Ohio State. At 37, Jarmond has the exuberance of youth, with a reputation as a fundraiser and somone who can get the job done. “The more I learned about Boston College and the opportunity and what’s going on–this momentum, this period, I was...

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Sunshine at The Heights–for now

They were all there. Past, present and future Boston College backers who were desperate to hear some encouraging words about BC athletics And on Monday at a press conference which brought all segments of the BC family together, Martin Jarmond was introduced as the new BC Director of Athletics. Jarmond delivered the message BC loyalists wanted to hear.   It was filled with a reality tinged optimism.  He talked about passion, something which has truly been absent at The Heights over the past several years, or at least well hidden. “”Passion is contagious,” said Jarmond, who oozes it the way a 37-year old athletic administrator given his first job running the show should sound. “It spreads and it is the fuel that builds momentum.” BC should embrace Martin Jarmond and his message. There is NO reason not to take it and think about a brighter future for the Eagles. Why not? It is the spring, right now there are NO negatives on the scoreboard against BC football or basketball, which is what big time college athletics is really all about and where BC has failed to measure up in recent years. Let Jarmond, who will start his day to day reconstruction of BC athletics in early June,  have his honeymoon period. Let him formulate plans, which worked to a great extent at Ohio State and Michigan State. Let him...

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BC finally has a new AD and he’s already working

White Smoke from the Presidents’ office at Boston College. Finally. All of  the paper work was  completed on Thursday when  Boston College announced that Ohio State Associate Athletic Director Martin Jarmond was coming to The Heights as the new Director of Athletics. Jarmond, who will officially be introduced on Monday, wasted little time getting started in his new job, sending out an email to donors asking for support saying he wanted them to be “partners to define the vision for BC athletics.” Reports, first posed by Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated, came out Tuesday that  Jarmond had emerged as the leading contender to replace Brad  Bates, whose contract was not renewed. Jarmond fits almost all of the criteria–fund raising ability, experience at a Power 5 school, familiarity with football and basketball–BC was looking for in its new AD to replace Brad Bates.  He is also young (37) and a minority, which is also a positive for a school which has dealt with some diversity questions in its athletic leadership structure. Other candidates such as former Red Sox executive Mike Dee and Seton Hall AD Pat Lyons were eliminated for a variety of reasons. Sources at BC maintain that the decision on Jarmond as the front runner was made several days ago. An interesting twist is that one of Jarmond’s duties at Ohio State was football scheduling, which  now includes...

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Dee withdraws as BC AD candidate

The rumors started circulating on Saturday and gathered strength over the next few days. On Monday, following an Easter weekend of reflection, Boston College President Father William Leahy  reportedly was leaning towards former Red Sox executive Mike Dee as the Eagles’ next athletic director. Sources at BC say that if there are no snags an announcement could be made as soon as Wednesday. But on Tuesday afternon, Dee responded to TMG Sports with an email and issued the following statement.  “I was honored to take part in the Boston College AD search process but recently informed the school that I was withdrawing to pursue another opportunity in the world of sports. I have long respected the school and Fr.Leahy’s leadership and wish them the best.”” Also taking himself out of consideration was Seton Hall athletic director Pat Lyons, another candidate who was under serious consideration. Of the three finalists that Leahy was presented by the BC search committee, Dee was the “outside the box” candidate, with no experience in college athletics. But the overall management  portion of his resume is impressive with two stints with the San Diego Padres, as well as the Red Sox and the Miami Dolphins.  Dee was also President of the Fenway Sports Group, which has had considerable dealings with BC.   His dealings with the Fenway group and a familiarity with Father Leahy were...

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