Author: Chris Dufresne

No. 14 Ohio State

This pick comes with more clauses, disclaimers and responsibility abdications than the back of my cholesterol medicine bottle. It could also easily be seen as a sports writer afraid to put his big toe in the deep end of the...

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No. 15 Michigan

Add to coach Jim Harbaugh’s whack-pack arsenal of thoughts, epiphanies, feelings, eccentricities and go-to axioms: you are what you eat. Among this off-season’s most intriguing insights was ex-Michigan player Wilton Speight...

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No. 16: San Fresno Boise

Geronimo! This is a rip-cord bailout choice but I just couldn’t differentiate a No. 16 from among the deep Mountain West pool of San Diego State\ Fresno State\Boise State. I like ONE of these schools, however, to supplant...

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