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Broken Coverage

An irreverent look at things said, tweeted, posted and gone amuck in college football Ok, I surrender (but not at Appomattox). Fathom, a year ago, anyone typing this line: “ESPN reassigned its announcer for Virginia’s opening...

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No. 9 Clemson

Here is my FIVE cents on this, five cents being the daily cost of an annual TMG subscription. No way Clemson wins the national title last year without quarterback Deshaun Watson. And no way Clemson wins it this year without him....

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No. 10 Georgia

Ranking teams is as much about feelings and karma as it is returning starters and that’s why Georgia, this year, is on my mind. There is a mojo in Athens with a circular flow that rekindles memories of Coach Dooley and Herschel...

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No. 11 Wisconsin

Wisconsin is good. Wait, what, I need to write more than that? Let me think. Ok, let’s add “solid” and “well-coached.” Penning this preview reminds me of staring at a “Blue Book” in college on a mid-term exam: “Wheat and its...

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No. 12 Oklahoma State

It’s been 10 years since Mike Gundy went on that lunatic rant against a reporter in which he proclaimed to all pond-scum vultures, “Come after me. I’m a man. I’m 40!” Gundy turned 50 on Aug. 12 and has only slightly softened his...

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No. 13 LSU

There may be nothing of substance to report on LSU football until the Sept. 2 opener against Brigham Young because Tigers’ coach Ed Orgeron has closed ALL preseason practices to the media. We thought it would take Orgeron longer...

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No. 14 Michigan

A recent CBS Sports survey of anonymous coaches fingered Jim Harbaugh as college football’s most overrated bull-in-the-ring leader. The story got a lot of play in the dog days of August, as you would expect, even though there...

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No. 15 Oregon

I know I know. Nothing as it relates to Oregon, unless smoked or baked in brownies, should get this high. This precious space should not be a half-way house for lost Nike soles. The only thing missing here is a link to Barbara...

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No. 16 UCLA\Notre Dame

Separated at playoff berth? While investigating potential bounce-back season candidates, the profiles of the Bruins and Irish started morphing into identical twins. We saw the sonogram and named them “Jackie” and “Knute.” Both...

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